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How to Care For A Miniature Schnauzer

The Miniature Schnauzer is a spirited, alert, active and robust dog that usually does not reach more than about fifteen inches in height or weight.

While this dog does highly resemble the Standard Schnauzer, they are much smaller in appearance. Frequently willing to please, this is a friendly and intelligent dog.

At times, this dog can be very energetic, but can also be demanding and may expected undivided attention from his owner. This dog can make a wonderful pet, but it is important to make sure you know how to properly care for a Miniature Schnauzer before bringing your new puppy home.



When it comes to feeding, it is important to make sure you provide only high quality dog food to your Miniature Schnauzer. Make sure the food you provide has meat listed as the first ingredient. Do not provide any foods with grains listed as the first ingredient. Look for foods that contain a minimum of 30% crude protein. It is also important to make sure you do not overfeed your dog to avoid obesity and health problems. In addition, make sure you always have a steady supply of fresh water available for your Miniature Schnauzer.


It is also important for your Miniature Schnauzer to be socialized with other pets and people early. This can help to decrease the risk of possible aggression. Due to the fact that this breed of dog can be somewhat fearful around people other than its owners, it is a good idea to spend plenty of time socializing your dog with other people. Miniature Schnauzers that are not socialized around other dogs from an early age may also be antagonistic around other animals.

Exercise and Training

It should be noted that this breed does have a tendency to be somewhat stubborn, especially when it comes to training. If allowed, this dog will have an inclination to try to boss you. This is why training is important from an early age. Proper training can help to eliminate any negative behaviors in this breed. Fortunately, the Miniature Schnauzer is also highly intelligent and typically catches on very quickly. Attending an obedience class with your Miniature Schnauzer can be an excellent way to both train and socialize your dog.

This breed is also very energetic and loves to play. In addition, they require daily exercise to remain healthy. Taking your dog on a walk every day is a good way to keep them in good shape. Your dog will also likely enjoy playtime during the day as well playing games such as fetch. You may find that your Miniature Schnauzer will become bored somewhat easily, especially if they are left alone. While this breed does not need a large back yard for exercise or play, they should still be taken outside on a daily basis.

Grooming and Medical Care

To remain healthy, your Miniature Schnauzer will need to receive regular veterinary care. Expect to take your dog to the vet at least once a year for a check-up and health exam. You should also take your dog to the vet at the first sign of any injury or illness. The Miniature Schnauzer can be prone to some health conditions, including liver disease, diabetes, bleeding disorders and kidney stones.

They may also suffer from eye health problems, including cataracts and a progressive deterioration of the eye that may lead to blindness. Regular checkups can help to diagnose any problems as quickly as possible, which can help to take care of such issues before they progress too far.

The Miniature Schnauzer does require a fair amount of grooming for their coat to look its best. A wire brush will need to be used daily to comb the coat and prevent tangles. In addition, you will usually need to have the coat clipped at least three or four times per year.

This dog typically does not shed much and is excellent for owners with allergies.
The nails will also need to be trimmed once or twice per month. You will also need to regularly brush your dog’s teeth and take them in to have their teeth cleaned once per year to help avoid any possible dental problems in the future.

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