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Miniature Schnauzer Breeders

Reputable Miniature Schnauzer Breeders = Healthy, Happy Dog!


Miniature Schnauzers are incredibly beautiful dogs and make wonderful pets but have you ever thought about where to get one from if you have decided that it is the breed for you, after doing your research of course?

If you have thought about popping down to the local pet store to get one then you may want to reconsider that and go for Miniature Schnauzer breeders instead, and the reasons why are listed below.

  • Breeders know exactly how to breed Miniature Schnauzers. This may sound a little ridiculous but most pet store breeders do not. They are only interested in the money and not the dogs they churn out so your pet store puppy may not be as healthy as you think.
  • Pet stores often have puppy mill Miniature Schnauzers. Puppy mills keep the dogs in cramped and dirty conditions so you never know what bugs they may have, or even if they have come from healthy parents. As such, it is a major risk.
  • You can be sure that your puppy has had a health check with a breeder. Miniature Schnauzer breeders always make sure that their puppies are vetted. You have no idea whether they have or not in pet stores.
  • You know where your Miniature Schnauzer puppy came from. You can see the parents and the kennels. You cannot do that in a pet store because the puppy was not born there. Bearing all of this is mind, Miniature Schnauzer breeders that offer puppies from their homes or kennels have so many more advantages over pet stores than you may realize, or at least some of them do. As with all professions, there are unscrupulous people that are out to make money off any opportunity and the fact that the Miniature Schnauzer is one of the most popular breeds around leaves it open for exploitation.

However, with the following criteria, you will be able to choose the right breeder for you in no time.

The best Miniature Schnauzer puppies will:

  • Have full veterinary records for you to check so that you can ensure that there is nothing wrong or, if there is, then you know all about it.
  • Have been brought up in a clean environment with their mom so they are disease free as well as happy and contented. Not being ripped away from their mother straight after birth also tends to make them more balanced and give you less to worry about in relation to their temperament.
  • Have a happy disposition. They will be energetic, want to play and be warm towards others. This is often not the case with those from breeders that do not care about the dogs. You cannot often immediately tell the good Miniature Schnauzer breeders from the bad ones because the latter tend to have no problems at all lying. As such, you may need to check their records out as well. Reputable breeders will answer all questions you have in full and will be able to back it up.

Many will have regular inspections and be accredited.

Others will have clean kennels and happy dogs to show for their hard work. They will be able to produce records of their activity and they will also be able to offer you references from previous clients if you so wish.

The information above is a lot to take in but you will benefit from it immensely. However, there is more that you need to know and more detailed information can be found in the highly recommended Miniature Schnauzer ebook and audio package.

For more information we recommend the Miniature Schnauzer Insider's Guide ebook and audio.